Chief Salvador is starting the campaign to bring Walmart to Coalinga, we need your help in sharing on your Facebook, Twitter, Linked in pages and wherever else you can. Our New Economic Coordinator is heading to Vegas soon, trying to wooo Walmart and other businesses to Coalinga. If we can send her with 5000+ likes, shares, etc, then we may have a case. Realistically (Stats are from the Chief… the population (close to 37,000 between here, Avenal and Huron) median income average is $44,000 and we need something for our town, can you help us out?


From: Chief Michael Salvador…(posted on Facebook to Coalinga Citizens)

We need your help!!!!!!!!!!! We need all of Coalinga Citizens to hash tag Coalinga Walmart below. Lets show Walmart that they are wanted here in the City of Coalinga

Looking for a new opportunity? We have one for you. Coalinga is a community in Western Fresno County California. The commercial center of a population of 37000. Our median household income is $44,000. Our closest Walmart Location is over 40 Miles away. We compare favorably in population and demographics to one of your store locations in western Fresno County, Kerman California. Coalinga recently lost its Kmart location even though it was a profitable busy store. This leaves a void in the community that is ripe for a Walmart location. Join us… #coalingawalmart


Thank you so much…

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